What We do

Insurance Services

General Insurance

We focus on general insurance products such as domestice package (Home Insurance), Fire and Perils (Business insurance), travel insurance and personal accident insurance

Medical Insurance

We offer access to reliable health insurance covers which include inpatient cover, outpatient cover, COVID- 19 cover, dental, optical and last expense cover.

GPS Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Monitor real time and historical vehicle location, speed and other activities.

Fleet Management

Manage all your vehicles on one secure and user friendly platform on your phone or computer.

Remote Control

Have the power to immobilize your vehicle using your GPS tracking app. 

Internet Of Things

Smart Cameras

Monitor your home or business on your phone remotely. Get motion detection alerts, two way communication and playback of video and udio.

Wearable Technology

Monitor your health and manage your healthy habits using smart wristband technology. Also link to your phone to enjoy extra benefits such alerts, notifications and remote camera control.

Free Estimation

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Contact us to learn more on ways through which you can mitigitate your personal or business risks today. We offer different value propositions.

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