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Security and Peace of mind solutions

We incorporate technology and insurance products to enhance peace of mind in your daily life.


What We do

We offer advanced risk management solutions in Kenya where we incorporate smart security technology into insurance to help you better manage risks.


insurance Services

We provide access to all classes of insurance covers in Kenya through our partnership with Online Advisors Insurance Agency Ltd; a licensed independent insurance agency operating in Kenya. We focus on offering 


GPS tracking and Telematics

Get access to licensed GPS tracking and telematics solutions in Kenya through our partneship with Finatrack Global Limited. Finatrack Global Limited is a licensed applications service provider by the Communication Authority Of Kenya. This technology solutions help vehicle owners better manage risks and reduce losses related to vehicle use or theft.


Internet Of Things (IOT)

We intergare daily common objects over the internet to help better monitor and protect what matters to you. This technology is available for home, business and personal use. Enjoy the power of remote control and real time alerts wherever you are. Highly encripted information system enables secure storage of all your data.

Why Choose Us

Reliable Risk Management Approach

We compensate for existing gaps within your risk management approach by complementing insurance covers with technological advancements.

Peace Of Mind

ENjoy great peace of mind with real time updates.

Advanced Protection

Enhance your security levels through technology.

24/7 Availability

Our services are always on through out the year.

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